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Welcome to the Freak Show

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I have been thoroughly impressed with the revival of the live sex cam site industry over the past perhaps two years. It has really taken off in exponential proportions over the last 18 months though and of late I have been seeing amateurs so attractive that I found it hard to believe that they are not contracted professionals in the porn industry.

With amateurs having the opportunity to make some cash in the sex industry you can bet your bottom dollar that it wouldn’t take long at all before the freaky and sometimes even downright creepy enter they fray. Of course those terms are completely subjective and they would not have found their place if there wasn’t any room for them. in other words if there wasn’t a market for their those types of shows.

The channel called Thelustshack is exactly one of those and the picture that I shared is what you can typically find at A chick with a wooden dick that looks like a librarian straight from Hogwarts and two seemingly random dudes.

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