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There’s Someone for Every Taste

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I do love me a geeky looking hotty with a smashing body and this one fits the bill perfectly. She’s even wrapped up as a present and ready for action. My goodness would I plough that if given half a chance.

I don’t know exactly where this comes from but I can only imagine with age. I almost said maturity but then yeah, probably not so much when I consider how much time I spend playing games and such.

I am developing all kinds of tastes. While I was young I avoided the plump chicks like the plague (yeah terrible I know) but I don’t mind a little bit of extra woman either anymore. I just mentioned the geeky girl thing as well. I wouldn’t have given a nerdy girl a second look some years back but now, well many of them are pretty cute actually.

It doesn’t matter your taste though there’s someone you’ll enjoy and you can even get free Live Jasmin credits now.

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