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The Who’s Who of Live Cams

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Many years ago when live nude and sex cams hit the online porn industry it was a short live fad that quickly crumbled into complete failure as those who hosted these sites destroyed the industry with greed and exploitation.

As a consumer you had to pay for everything even before even catching as much as a glimpse of what you might get for your money in terms of site membership and then again to view a show and then they had the audacity to add tips on top of that.

The performers were ripped off by getting given worse cuts of the profits that a pimp might give a common street whore and every low-life rubbish and his dog tried to get in on the quick buck.

Since the industry has been brought back to life again fairly recently having remedied all of the previous pitfalls there are still some scum trying to take advantage of the situation and as such I’d like to share this list of trustworthy and reputable sites at

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