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Pure webcam sluts finally work together

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These two very fine looking Webcam Sluts have been stringing me along for the last hour or so promising me that they’d be doing all sorts of cheeky things together. You know what? I am not going to take it, I am going to see how they like it when I do the same to them.

Getting them jealous was easier than I thought. I was very active in their sex chat room and once I stopped talking they wanted to know why I’d gone all quite. I let them know exactly why, I said you girls are a little on the boring side, sure you’re both very pretty but so far you haven’t done anything remotely sexy that for one has turned me on.

Wow! what a statement to make and lucky for me, or should I say lucky for my cock that it didn’t come across to them the wrong way. In no time at all, they started to show their cheeky side and boy was it totally fucking hot. The pussy licking action was out of this world and what they did after you’ll have to see for yourself. There are times in life that we all need a little motivation and for them, this was one of them.

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