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My Wife Won’t Find Out

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This post is probably going to make me look really bad, but I’ll fess up anyway. I’m a new husband and a new dad. My wife and I dated for years then decided to finally get married after she became pregnant. I love her, I am committed to her, and even with all the crying and pooping, I couldn’t be happier to be a father. Having said all of that, I was logging in for sex chat the moment wife and baby left today.

The sex has been really lackluster since late in her pregnancy. She is tired and less interested in getting intimate, which I totally understand. There is no foreplay any more. It’s more of an “I’m horny, let’s have a quickie” sort of thing. I like that sometimes, but not every time. I miss seeing her get dressed up and being flirty. I miss when she wanted to try out new things and take our time. Obviously her body has changed since having a kid 5 months ago, but she is still gorgeous and I still want to have sex with her and really savor everything about her body. I even kind of like the breast milk. Yet she is self conscious and closed off.

I have no intention of going out and cheating, but I have been visiting Cambb XXX cams every time she leaves the house. I am making sure she won’t find out what I’ve been up to, but I need to feel like a sexual being and these cam models give that to me.

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